In Enabling Legal Innovation, Tyrilly Csillag and her guests explore the enabling of legal innovation with value-adding technology. We'll hear from a variety of experts from Thomson Reuters and across the legal industry as they share insights on how the legal community is adapting to rapid technological advances and driving innovation within their organisations.

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Navigating the challenges of implementing legal technology

In this episode, Tyrilly Csillag and guest Arran Braganza from Jalubro discussed the challenges lawyers face when implementing legal technology in their departments.

AI, Risks, Ethics: Interview with David Wong and Carter Cousineau

In this special episode, David Wong, Chief Product Officer at Thomson Reuters and Carter Cousineau, Vice President, Data & Model Governance join Tyrilly Csillag to dis...

What's on the horizon for Thomson Reuters in 2024 and more

In this first episode, Tyrilly Csillag joined by Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director for Thomson Reuters APAC delved into what is on the horizon for Thomson Reuters in 20...

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